Patient Testimonials of Living Well Health Group in Loveland, CO

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Dr. Heidi Golding

By far, Heidi is the best in her league. I’ve gone to Acupuncturists for over 20 years and her integrative approach is unmatched. I consider myself to be in good health overall, but over the years the combination of intense computer work, life stress, and an average diet can take its toll. I exercise regularly and realize the older we get the more we need to pay close attention to our diet, the need for exercise, and emotional self-nurturing.

No matter what my health challenge may be, Heidi knows what combination of treatments to give me each and every time, the results of which I’ve never seen before! Every treatment either builds on the last one or has a different dimension to it. Heidi is very generous with her time, too. She is someone who lives and walks her talk.

She also has a multitude of Chinese herbs which are the most effective I’ve taken, and Heidi’s depth of knowledge in this area is truly amazing. She’s very approachable, positive, and offers other types of integrative treatment. There is also along nutritionist on site to help with with dietary wellness. Thank goodness for Heidi. I highly recommend her. She’s the best in the business!


I saw Dr. Golding for numbness after a nerve injury, and the results of her expertise were impressive. I surpassed my own expectations as well as those of my other Doctors in both recovery and speed.

While a patient, Dr. Golding happened across other ailments I hadn’t thought to bring up, and was successful in alleviating them as well.

Dr. Golding has cutting edge technologies at her disposal, but more importantly, knows how best to apply them in unique and ever-changing health circumstances. Best of all, she explains the entire journey in a completely understandable way.


I had my first visit with Dr.Golding last week in her beautiful Loveland office. It was amazing! I have been experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety, and just feeling “off”. Dr Golding did an intake with testing on me before we started treatment to help pinpoint where my imbalances were that needed to shift. During treatment I felt such a release! It has been almost a week since my treatment and I am still feeling the positive effects. I am looking forward to going back.
Thank you Dr Golding!


Kristy Hall

“I have to tell you that the supplements you have prescribed have worked wonders. Every year we have to take part in the biometric screening in order to get a discount on the health insurance offered by the county. For the 5 years that I’ve participated I’ve had to have a waiver signed by my physician stating I am on a health plan that I will follow for the year in order to get the discount. Every year my ‘health age’ has been equivalent to someone in their 60s. This is the first year I am healthy enough to qualify without a waiver and my health is equivalent to a 40-year-old. You’ve done so much to help me!! I’m looking forward to working with you in the future. Thank you.”


“This Thanksgiving Holiday was an ideal time to think of all the ways you have helped. From the complete blood diagnostic test that showed deficiencies, you gave super ideas to adjust my diet and supplements.

The exercises you suggested strengthen hips and knees and ankles. My blood pressure is normal, walking is pain-free, and there is no stomach discomfort. My energy level has gone from ‘I’m so tired I can’t breathe’ to ‘I can get things done.’
The thoughtful, sincere care you showed gives me encouragement to continue with the changes and to do my part.”


Dr. Sharon Montes

“The time I spent with Dr Sharon Montes forever changed my concept of health. The results were not only healing but educational and empowering.”


“Her particular gift is that she empowers people to take charge of their lives. Her kindness, compassion and integrity make it safe to try on new learnings and behaviors.”


“Dr. Montes has a wealth of knowledge in many diverse healing paradigms and embraces each as if they were her specialty. She recognizes the distinct and gaping crevices between Eastern and Western medicine and is a bridge to those healing paradigms with grace, knowledge and hands-on experience.”


Feeling relaxed and also feeling release at same time. Learning to laugh without any reason. Better breathing increased awareness. I am leaving positive and happy. It was like taking an hour and just freezing time for myself. Being able to laugh relax and praise myself.